Notcoin and TapSwap success bodes well for BitBot

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on Jun 12, 2024
  • Telegram's ecosystem is doing well as its Toncoin network becomes a leading blockchain.
  • Its tap-to-earn tokens like Notcoin and TapSwap are doing modestly well.
  • BitBot could become the next big thing in Telegram's ecosystem.

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Telegram has become one of the fastest-growing social media networks with over 900 million active users globally. 

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It has also become a major player in the crypto industry, where its Toncoin has become the 9th biggest chain in the sector while Notcoin and TapSwap are changing the tap to earn industry. Just recently, BitBot, an upcoming trading platform recently raised over $4.3 million in a token sale. 

TapSwap and Notcoin are thriving

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One of the fastest-growing themes in the Telegram industry is the concept of tap-to-earn tokens. These are simple Telegram apps that are making it easy for people to just tap on a button and earn virtual rewards.

Notcoin has become the first network to have an airdrop, with its token now being valued at over $1.8 billion. This makes it one of the fastest-growing tokens in the cryptocurrencies industry and the trend could continue as it adds more users.

TapSwap has also become another popular tap-to-earn platform with over 49 million registered users and more than 18 million daily active users. These people have made over a trillion taps in the past few weeks.

The next stage in TapSwap’s journey will be its airdrop, which will let users redeem their tokens and then exchange them for fiat currency. More tap-to-earn tokens are expected to be launched on Telegram soon.

BitBot could gain that traction

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The other catalyst for the Telegram ecosystem will be on day trading. For example, BitBot, a non-custodial trading platform, is expected to launch on Telegram a few weeks after it ended its highly successful token sale.

According to its website, BitBot raised over $4.3 million from investors. These funds will go towards building a decentralised AI-focused trading bot that will make it easy for people to trade and make money.

Unlike most bots, BitBot will be a non-custodial trading platform, meaning that the developers will not touch a client’s funds. This is an important approach since the world of Telegram bots has a reputation of crime. 

The bot will have a combination of advanced artificial intelligence and technical analysis features that will likely lead to improved performance.

Additionally, $BITBOT holders will have more benefits like the ability to earn staking rewards, which will come from the network’s revenues. Also, according to the BitBot white paper, holders will have a role in its governance and have exclusive access to presales and airdrops. The next stage in BitBot’s story will be its token listing that will let the token buyers redeem them and either hold or convert them into fiat. You can learn more about BitBot here.