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Silver prices on recovery amid the expansion of manufacturing economies
  • Silver prices were up by 0.59% at $26.8280 as major countries recorded bullish manufacturing PMI figures.
  • China, a key consumer of silver, had its manufacturing sector grow at a slower pace than in January.
  • Investors are keen on whether Senate will also approve the $1.9 trillion stimulus package.
March 1, 2021

Market analysis

Crude oil, Gold, Silver price analysis roundup
The global stock markets weakened last week, Wall Street’s three main indexes closed sharply lower, and the risk aversion will likely prevail the next trading week. The crude oil price fell on Friday as the U.S. dollar rose, but it continues to trade above $60 support. The Organization of the…
February 28, 2021
Platinum price is up more than 20% YTD. Here are the next targets
Platinum price has advanced from $1050 above $1300 since the beginning of January, and the current price stands around $1270. The prospect that more government spending will drive higher growth keeps the market in a positive mood, but the business activity is still far away from pre-Covid-19 levels. Fundamental analysis:…
February 20, 2021
Gold price prediction for March
Gold prices are likely to facilitate a deeper pullback after the price action broke below the $US1,800 per ounce today.  Fundamental analysis: Dollar moves higher Commodity experts were talking this week that gold prices may move lower as bulls liquidate their yellow metal holdings. Peter Hug, Kitco Metals global trading…
February 17, 2021
Gold price analysis: A correction or end of the rally?
Gold price weakened has weakened from $1959 below $1800 since the beginning of January, and the current price stands around $1823. The global business activity is still under pressure, and as long the price is above $1800 support, there is no risk of the bear market. Fundamental analysis: Risk aversion…
February 14, 2021

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