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A Goldman Sachs fund is betting on real estate
  • A Goldman Sachs fund bought a minority stake in another outside real estate focused fund.
  • Oak Street Real Estate Capital buys properties with tenants and leases back the space to them.
  • Buyback-lease investment firms are performing better than their other real estate counterparts.
December 22, 2020

Market analysis

Barratt stock price down 5% amid second wave COVID-19 concerns
Shares of Barratt Developments (LON:BDEV) fell 5% yesterday as the investors’ concerns about a second wave hit and global recession are growing.  Fundamental analysis: FTSE Index selloff, Barratt struggles The UK investors are growing increasingly concerned that a fast recovery will not happen as many countries around the world…
May 15, 2020
Why we are keen on the Brazil property market this year
There are a few key issues that let us see which global property markets are worth exploring at any given time. When we look at Brazil, we can see that this giant South American country meets most of them.The Brazilian property marketThe first important point is that foreigners are allowed…
March 27, 2020
Now might be the time to invest in property in Australia
For many of us, Australia is about as far away from home as we can get. Yet, the strong British influence on this part of Oceania means that it has a lot of familiar sights and sounds for Brits. In terms of the property market, there are some restrictions…
March 18, 2020
Why buying property in Bulgaria makes sense
Bulgaria is one of the most interesting property markets on the planet just now. This Balkan nation has seen a strong market for the last 5 years or so. Why does buying here still make sense?The latest figuresIn October 2019, it was reported that the nationwide house index in Bulgaria…
March 14, 2020

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