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Real estate needs to embrace sustainability, World Economic Forum
January 20th 2020 Whichever way you choose to look at it, real estate activities materially impact the climate. A study by Global Alliance for Building a…
Why Keep an Eye on the Manchester Property Market in 2020
January 15th 2020
Croatia rises to third position in Europe’s latest real estate gains
January 15th 2020
Forget About Working Until 67: Invest in Property Instead
January 14th 2020
The Spanish Property Crash Is Over: Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Property in Spain?
January 10th 2020
UK real estate no longer bothered by uncertainty
January 9th 2020

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Helpful Advice on Investing in Buy-to-let and Becoming a Landlord
September 28th
How to Invest in a Construction Project Overseas: Mezzanine Loans and Equity Partnerships Explained
September 28th
What Insurance Do Landlords Need to Protect Their Investment?
September 28th
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage
May 4th
Understanding Reverse Mortgages
May 3rd
REIT Evaluation – More Than One Way To Skin The Cat
May 3rd
Investing In REITs – A Guide To Going About It
April 24th
Real Estate Investment Trusts and Student Housing – A Natural Fit?
February 18th

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Real estate is a broad industry with three main categories; residential, commercial, and industrial. There are different types of real estate businesses that fall under transactional (i.e., brokerage, title, and underwriting) and operational, (i.e., property, loan, and asset management). Generally, there are different ways investors make a profit through real estate by being landlords, trading, investment groups, and/or investment trusts. Unlike other investments such as stock, there is profit in real estate regardless of whether the business volume is high or low. Real estate involves a tangible asset that usually appreciates as time goes. Also, real estate offers numerous benefits such as stable income, capital appreciation, portfolio diversification, and can be acquired using leverage.

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Despite Brexit uncertainty, UK house prices rise

The UK house prices were negatively impacted by the Brexit uncertainty for the better part of last year, but tables started turning as we approached 2020. On average, the UK housing market closed off the year with a 1.4% gain; this is according to a report by Nationwide Building Society. The society indicated that the house prices in most parts of the UK took a hit up until October before the market started recovering to close the year with the m…

The future of real estate: Experts Speak

So much investment is tied up in the property markets. Any up or down movement has life-changing impacts. That is why the market needs a vast pool of thoughts from industry experts to keep investors informed of the latest and future trends. Disruptor Daily recently caught up with a couple of real estate experts to pick their brains on the future of the industry. Here’s what a few had to say: Luke Babich, CSO at Clever “Information about home…

How New York’s real estate differs from the rest of the whole

In recent times, different real estate predictions from various experts on cities such as Boston and Washington show a thriving sector occasioned by tight inventory and low-interest rates. While property price increments have stalled in these cities, their demand and prices continue to stabilise. But when it comes to the overall US real estate outlook, statistics are less pleasant: most urban areas have seen home value growth decline to 2015 leve…

UK real estate plunges, but questions still linger

The UK property market is expecting a short-term improvement in sentiment following last week’s massive win by the Conservancy party, enabling Prime Minister Boris Johnson to retain his seat in a tightly-contested election. However, fund managers are still concerned about the fate of the property market beyond next year. CEO of AEW, Rob Wilkinson expressed his concerns saying: “A Tory majority is the most positive or benign outcome for business a…

Real estate investment likely to surge as Brexit drama recedes

Boris Johnson’s landslide win on Thursday triggered the pound to hit a 12-month high, within the first 20 minutes of the Prime Minister’s victory. Financial markets are responding to the pro-business Conservative Party victory and the coming to an of the dramatisation of Brexit. Analysts and savvy investors predicted a surged market after the election, and true to that, the real estate sector is beginning to recede. The property market had been m…

Real estate agents are a tight-lipped lot, but here’s why

If you’ve been in the property industry for long enough, chances are you’ve interacted with several real estate agents. Agents provide prospective clients with useful information to enable them to make a buy or rent decision. But the agents are sometimes reluctant to provide certain information, but it is not their fault. Property brokers and agents operate in a highly-regulated space, and as such, they can only disclose so much to their clients….

UK new-home sales to surge this month

The demand for the UK’s newly built homes seems to be increasing during this festive period of December. According to a report released by Stone Real Estate last Thursday, the prices of newly built homes are largely not affected by the holiday seasons. The agency further noted that new building sales have been on the rise for the past five years during the months of December, while sales for existing properties tend to dip during the period. Sinc…

Online real estate investing platforms are leveling the field for ordinary investors

Planning your financial future is important, and the trick lies in understanding how to maximize returns on the amounts you invest. With the recent changes in SEC laws, ordinary investors can now take advantage of low-risk high-return real estate portfolios that were previously reserved for the “big boys” only. And with advancements in fintech, you can now invest in real estate projects at the comfort of your home or office, with as lit…

UK real estate to rebound by 2024 – Savills

The UK real estate could be headed for a major bounce back in the next five years, after months of plummeting prices. The crisis, which has now lasted across the country for several quarters, could not-so-long from now come to an end, this is according to a Wednesday report by Savills. Savills is a brokerage and real estate adviser based in London and its recent report predicts a 15.3% price jump for existing UK homes between the year 2020 and 20…

Canada’s Metro Vancouver real estate recovering faster than anticipated

Metro Vancouver real estate is not about to stay down despite the laid down plans to slow down the local housing market. Evidence shows that the housing sector is ramping, in fact, much faster than anticipated. “Since the bottoming out earlier this year, we have seen significant momentum building for the Lower Mainland / Metro Vancouver area,” says Brian Yu, the deputy chief economist for Central 1. “Sales have risen significantly, markets are ti…

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