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Why We Are Closely Watching the Liverpool Property Market in 2020
February 20th The Liverpool property market has been the star of the UK scene in the last year or so. Now is a good time to take a look at whether or…
The Time Is Right to Buy Property in Italy: A Look at €1 Houses and More
February 20th
Why We Are Watching the French Property Market in 2020
February 13th
UK election rejuvenated the real estate market, so has Brexit
February 6th
Could 2020 be the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Argentina?
February 4th
Brexit now official, bringing to end years of uncertainty in the UK property market?
February 2nd

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Why Keep an Eye on the Manchester Property Market in 2020
January 15th
Forget About Working Until 67: Invest in Property Instead
January 14th
The Spanish Property Crash Is Over: Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Property in Spain?
January 10th
Helpful Advice on Investing in Buy-to-let and Becoming a Landlord
September 28th 2019
What Insurance Do Landlords Need to Protect Their Investment?
September 28th 2019
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage
May 4th 2016
REIT Evaluation – More Than One Way To Skin The Cat
May 3rd 2013
Real Estate Investment Trusts and Student Housing – A Natural Fit?
February 18th 2013

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Real estate is a broad industry with three main categories; residential, commercial, and industrial. There are different types of real estate businesses that fall under transactional (i.e., brokerage, title, and underwriting) and operational, (i.e., property, loan, and asset management). Generally, there are different ways investors make a profit through real estate by being landlords, trading, investment groups, and/or investment trusts. Unlike other investments such as stock, there is profit in real estate regardless of whether the business volume is high or low. Real estate involves a tangible asset that usually appreciates as time goes. Also, real estate offers numerous benefits such as stable income, capital appreciation, portfolio diversification, and can be acquired using leverage.

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House price growth in the UK touches 14-month high, Nationwide says

Following last year’s election, the UK annual house price growth rose to a 14-month high as investors’ confidence returns in the region’s markets. One the leading mortgage lenders in the UK, Nationwide Building Society, reported property prices had risen by 1.4% from December to January, and about 1.9% higher than a year ago, marking the fastest annual growth since November 2018. On average, a house in the UK now costs £215,897, 0.5% or £615 high…

Fiera Real Estate merges UK operations

Fiera Real Estate, a leading property creator and manager, wholly owned by Fiera Capital Group, is merging with its UK subsidiary Palmer Capital Partners, as it seeks to align its UK operations. The group has rebranded its UK acquisition after assuming an 80% stake in the investment firm late last year. Fiera Capital is a multi-product investment firm boasting more than $124 billion worth of assets under management. The group owns Fiera Real Esta…

US top real estate franchises in 2020

Since the 70s, Entrepreneur has been ranking top 500 franchises in the whole of the United States. According to the magazine, they rank the companies based on growth/size, fees/costs, financial muscle/stability, brand popularity, and franchisee support. Throughout history, the ranking got more and more competitive, making it difficult for most franchises to remain at the top for as little as two years in a row. But despite that, some companies, e…

Real estate needs to embrace sustainability, World Economic Forum

Whichever way you choose to look at it, real estate activities materially impact the climate. A study by Global Alliance for Building and Construction shows that building and construction activities account for about 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, and are also responsible for more than a third of energy use globally. Frequent changes in climatic conditions are resulting in extreme weather patterns that ultimately impact real esta…

Croatia rises to third position in Europe’s latest real estate gains

2019 went down as the worst year for the UK real estate in a decade. The markets were mainly affected by the pending premiership elections and the Brexit. While the uncertainty hasn’t fully cleared, some parts of Europe are already experiencing modest to massive gains in their real estate rental prices. One such place is Croatia – where since last year, the market price per square meter for rental apartments has jumped by about 10%, placing the c…

UK real estate no longer bothered by uncertainty

A real estate investment trust yesterday reported that despite the economic and political instability in the region, UK rental rates have risen over the past year. Real Estate Investors PLC said that contracted rents increased to £17.7 million or by 3.9% in 2019. The trust, which boasts of a portfolio of about 1.6 million square feet of commercial property, renewed nine leases in the past year and closed 44 new lettings. “Despite high level…

Despite Brexit uncertainty, UK house prices rise

The UK house prices were negatively impacted by the Brexit uncertainty for the better part of last year, but tables started turning as we approached 2020. On average, the UK housing market closed off the year with a 1.4% gain; this is according to a report by Nationwide Building Society. The society indicated that the house prices in most parts of the UK took a hit up until October before the market started recovering to close the year with the m…

The future of real estate: Experts Speak

So much investment is tied up in the property markets. Any up or down movement has life-changing impacts. That is why the market needs a vast pool of thoughts from industry experts to keep investors informed of the latest and future trends. Disruptor Daily recently caught up with a couple of real estate experts to pick their brains on the future of the industry. Here’s what a few had to say: Luke Babich, CSO at Clever “Information about home…

How New York’s real estate differs from the rest of the whole

In recent times, different real estate predictions from various experts on cities such as Boston and Washington show a thriving sector occasioned by tight inventory and low-interest rates. While property price increments have stalled in these cities, their demand and prices continue to stabilise. But when it comes to the overall US real estate outlook, statistics are less pleasant: most urban areas have seen home value growth decline to 2015 leve…

UK real estate plunges, but questions still linger

The UK property market is expecting a short-term improvement in sentiment following last week’s massive win by the Conservancy party, enabling Prime Minister Boris Johnson to retain his seat in a tightly-contested election. However, fund managers are still concerned about the fate of the property market beyond next year. CEO of AEW, Rob Wilkinson expressed his concerns saying: “A Tory majority is the most positive or benign outcome for business a…

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