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Read all about property news and important real estate information. From current stories that potentially affect your investment decisions to interesting developments across the world, you’ll be up to date.

Canada’s major real estate market has softened since the pandemic
23rd September
  • There are signs that the whole condo market is softening, and not just sales volumes.
  • The trend is expected to go as markets reopen, but unemployment remains high.
  • Ever since the pandemic began, only three markets in Canada saw an increase in sales faster than inventory.
Maharashtra government reduce stamp duty in the real estate sector by 3%
31st August

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Choose our guides, opinion pieces and analysis to see the bigger picture. We go the extra mile to let you see how investing in real estate can be done successfully by anyone who learns the ins and outs.

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Real estate is a broad industry with three main categories; residential, commercial, and industrial. There are different types of real estate businesses that fall under transactional (i.e., brokerage, title, and underwriting) and operational, (i.e., property, loan, and asset management). Generally, there are different ways investors make a profit through real estate by being landlords, trading, investment groups, and/or investment trusts. Unlike other investments such as stock, there is profit in real estate regardless of whether the business volume is high or low. Real estate involves a tangible asset that usually appreciates as time goes. Also, real estate offers numerous benefits such as stable income, capital appreciation, portfolio diversification, and can be acquired using leverage.

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More of the latest property news

14th August
WeWork secures £840 million of new financing from SoftBank
11th August
Macerich Co. concludes second quarter with £19.15 million of net loss
7th August
Rightmove’s H1 revenue declines by 34% on a year over year basis
9th July
Workspace Group says customer enquiries increased sharply in June
29th June
Blackstone wants to own facilities where TV and films are produced
23rd June
Rightmove warns of another £17 million to £20 million hit to its revenue due to COVID-19
23rd June
Intu Properties names KPMG as administrator if it fails to strike a debt standstill deal with creditors
1st June
Capco invests £436 million to purchase Hong Kong tycoon’s 20.9% stake in Shaftesbury
18th May
Intu Properties seeks standstill agreements with creditors to avoid default
14th May
Persimmon to reopen sales offices in England on May 15th
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