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Find out everything you need to know to get started investing in the stock market. The stock market is broad and offers a range of products, meaning there is a lot of money exchanging hands at any given time. Stock and shares traders require a huge amount of information including market data, relevant news, technical analysis and market trends. Stick with us and you’ll be ahead of the market, ensuring you can make real-time decisions to keep your portfolio growing.

Latest stocks shares news

Don’t make a move on the stock market without reading the latest news first. By following the companies you’re interested in closely, you’ll become an expert on shares and markets before you start investing.

Spirent stock price surges 11% on first-half growth
7th August
  • Spirent posted a 7% rise in revenue to £177.53 million, while the order intake rose 6% to $232.1 million
  • The firm also released SimIQ, a testing tool focused on accelerating product development
  • Spirent stock price rallied 11% today to print a new all-time high at GBX306
Dropbox publishes a stronger than expected Q2 earnings report
7th August

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Features & analysis

Our mission is to give you the best possible advice so that you can invest in the way that suits your preferred approach.  That’s why our experts offer you guides, opinions and features right here.

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Today’s stock prices

Browse live share prices, exchanges and charts data of the top stocks to invest in. Stay in touch with the biggest winners and losers worldwide.

Top risers

  Value Change % Change
4.13 +1.87 +82.74%
25.77 +9.32 +56.66%
10.15 +3.17 +45.41%
33.33 +7.35 +28.29%
5.48 +1.19 +27.74%

Top fallers

  Value Change % Change
121.3800 -47.62 -28.18%
19.32 -4.97 -20.46%
21.92 -4.79 -17.93%
4.22 -0.90 -17.58%
75.28 -14.73 -16.36%

Most volume

  Value Change % Change
4.13 +1.87 +82.74%
6.40 +0.07 +1.11%
268.4400 +3.16 +1.19%
84.85 -1.86 -2.15%
26.11 +0.64 +2.51%

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Online stocks and trading courses

If you are new to stocks and shares then you have come to the right place. Get started in style with our courses, terminology definitions and everything needed to progress to an advanced level; whether its long-term investment or day-trading.

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More of the latest stock market news

7th August
Standard Life Aberdeen swings to a loss in H1 due to COVID-19
7th August
Rightmove’s H1 revenue declines by 34% on a year over year basis
7th August
Hargreaves Lansdown’s full-year pre-tax profit tanks 24%
6th August
Uber contracts its net loss to £1.37 billion in the fiscal second quarter
6th August
Novo Nordisk reports £1.28 billion of net profit in the second quarter
6th August
Aviva says general insurance claims surged to £165 million in H1 due to COVID-19
6th August
Restaurant Brands International’s revenue comes in 25% lower due to COVID-19 restrictions
6th August
Toyota says its Q1 revenue declined by 40% on a year over year basis
6th August
ITV’s pre-tax profit tanks 93% in the fiscal first half
6th August
Glencore reports £1.97 billion of net loss in fiscal H1
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