Amazon AMZN stock forecast for 2022 and beyond

Online retailer, Amazon, is one of the largest and best-known companies in the world. Find out the latest Amazon price predictions from leading experts to help you time your investment into it.
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Updated: May 12, 2022

This beginner-friendly page offers the latest Amazon stock price forecast from top financial analysts. Including both long and short term outlooks, these predictions give an overview of how Amazon’s price may change in the future.  

AMZN stock forecast & price target

Most experts share a similar outlook for Amazon’s future stock price, with the majority thinking you should buy. There is a broad range of forecasts, although AMZNs price is expected to rise above $4000, with an average prediction of $4080 in the near term. 

Some expect a steep rise, with others airing on the side of caution and predicting little short term movement. Below we’ve summarised the most recent expert forecasts and provided an average. For more specific predictions, continue scrolling to learn more.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Amazon (AMZN)$4080$4700$3800Buy
Analyst price targets for Tesla stock, updated December 29, 2021

Expert forecasts on the future of Amazon (AMZN)

Below we’ve selected some quotes from leading Amazon analysts, which you can use to gain an insight into what the experts think.

Amazon is now the top location for consumers to begin a product search, to research a product prior to an online or in-store purchase, and the leading platform to complete the purchase”

John Blackledge, Cowen $4300 target

Amazon maintains 40% share of US e-commerce and we believe Amazon should surpass WMT (Walmart) as the largest US retailer in 2022”

Doug Anmuth, JP Morgan $4350 target

Many levers and factors will enable Amazon to deliver stronger multi-year profitability.”

Brain Nowak, Morgan Stanley $4000 target

Short term AMZN stock forecast

According to most of the experts, Amazon’s stock price in the short term will rise. Some see a near term target of about $4700, while others remain cautious and see a slight upwards move to $3800. Below is a summary of some expert opticians for the next two years. 

Amazon stock price prediction 2022

Amazon stock could reach $4000 in 2022 if it grows by 19% over the year. An average growth estimate from 20 leading analysts gives us that figure. Although not every expert is expecting such a bullish move; Ross Sandler from Barclays expects the stock to rise, by a conservative 11%, to $3800. 

Amazon stock price prediction 2023

Using the same 19% growth estimate would see $4800 in 2023. That’s in line with one of the most bullish analysts, Mark Mahaney from the Evercore Group forecasts, who has his target set just $100 lower at $4700. 

Long term AMZN stock forecast

Similar to the short term AMZN stock price forecasts above, most analysts remain bullish for the long term although its worth noting, most longer term outlooks are more speculative. According to the experts, Amazon’s stock could be between $4000 and $10,000 in the next decade. Below are some future price targets. 

Amazon price prediction 2024

Tech analyst, Brent Thill from Jefferies believes 2024 is the year which will see Amazon surpass a market cap of $3 trillion and its stock price reach $5700. His 70% growth prediction is based on expansion of AWS, SaaS, and B2B services the company offers. 

Amazon price prediction 2025

By 2025 Amazon’s stock price forecast is about $5000, thats according to Gary Galiardi, CEO at the Science of Strategy Institute. Although his prediction assumes the company is not broken up by that time, something some analysts suggest has a 50% of happening in the next decade.  

Amazon price prediction 2030

At the start of the new decade, the most optimistic predictions see an Amazon stock price forecast of $10,000, that’s nearly a 200% increase on 2021 levels. If $10,000 does prove to be correct, the company would have a market cap in excess of $6 trillion. 

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What affects the price of AMZN?

Competition is the most important factor that affects the price of Amazon stock. However, there are a lot of others that also play a role. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most important ones and provided a brief summary. 

  • Competition. As we’ve just mentioned, competition from other retailers is a leading contributor that affects Amazons stock price. Despite being the larget e-commerce company in the world, its been facing growing competition from other companys, most notably Walmart who have been expanding their online presence in recent years. 
  • Expansion. Amazon operates in a range of sectors and its diversification has seen its stock price continue to grow. However, its ability to continue expanding into different markets is a key factor that will likely impact its price. It has already moved into groceries and has plans to add pharmaceuticals among others to its books.  
  • Growth. While Amazons business is well diversified, its ability to continuously grow in all sectors is linked to its share price. One such sector is its cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services. AWS is the most popular cloud computing provider in the world and the company needs to continue to grow this area to meet investor expectations. 

How has the Amazon price changed over time?

Its been one of the stock markets biggest winners in recent times. Shares in the company have seen a monumental rise since its 1997 IPO. From $18, to over $3000, early investors have seen an increase of over 17,000% in the 25 years since Amazon first came to the stock market. 

Much of this growth has occurred in the last decade, and the company’s shares have risen more than 1500% since 2011. Amazon has proven its ability to perform well amidst even the toughest of times. Since the coronavirus pandemic, demand for online shopping has grown, and so has its shareprice, by nearly 100%. 

Amazon stock split

In early 2022 Amazon announced that it would be performing a 20:1 stock split this year. A stock split is exactly what it sounds like: each share is ‘split’ into more shares, while the overall value remains the same.

There can be many reasons for a stock split but Amazon is doing it to make the stock more accessible to the average investor. When each share is worth more than $2,000 it restricts the number of people who can invest, but a split would reduce the cost to just $100 or $200 per share.

The split is due to take place in the summer of 2022 and the most important thing to note as a result is that all the prices on this page will reduce by a factor of 20. Stock splits often also create more volatility in the price as more people are encouraged to buy in.

What should I do now?

You may be ready to buy some shares now that you have information on the latest AMZN stock price forecasts from the experts. You can check out our handy guide on how to buy shares in Amazon stock, or click any of the links below to get the latest news and updates about the company.

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