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The Most Interesting Corporate Bond Funds to Buy in 2020
February 15th 2019 was a very good year for corporate bonds. Some reports have mentioned gains of 10% for the year. Therefore, it is a good moment to…
The Best Emerging Market Debt Bond Funds to Watch in 2020
February 7th
Modi’s avoidance of extra debt relieves ‘scared’ bond investors
February 3rd
The bond market is once more worried about a recession
January 30th
Fed’s Wednesday Meeting triggers higher US Treasury Yields
January 28th
Japanese investors snap up $9 billion of Asian bonds in less than a year
January 24th

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Investing in bonds is an effective way of diversifying an investment portfolio and creating a reliable stream of fixed income. The fixed-income investments are simply loans that investors issue to companies or governments in return for periodic returns, based on the prevailing interest rate. The institution issuing the bond is obliged to pay a defined interest for the duration of the bond, depending on the amount investor loans.

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UK debt boss pours cold water on “green” government bonds

UK’s head of Debt Management Office (DMO) has expressed concerns over the issuance of green state bonds. Sir Robert Stheeman poured cold water on the case saying it would be more costly to the public compared to conventional gilts. Sir Stheeman’s office is mandated with raising billions of pounds each year for the UK government through bond markets. According to the government official, issuance of green bonds that are meant to impact the environ…

Barclays, FactSet unveil tool to bolster transparency in the bond market

London-headquartered multi-national bank, Barclays Plc and data service provider FactSet have agreed to collaborate to foster transparency on the “opaque” bond market. Barclays is one of the oldest financial institutions globally, having existed for more than 325 years. Chief Executive Jes Staley currently steers the bank, and it said on Wednesday that it would release to the market a tool that analyses the liquidity status of more than 22,000 bo…

Very few LCF bond investors to be compensated, FCA now says

It is now official that of the 11,600 investors that invested in the inoperative bondholder London Capital & Finance (LCF), only 159 would be compensated. The Investment firm was permanently closed after it was involved in one of the kingdom’s largest savings scandal after the 1988 Barlow-Clowes collapse. It has now been a year since LCF was liquidated and administrators appointed to oversee compensation and winding up. The company went under…

Bond investors not fooled by Goldman Sachs’ market assessment

Following the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on Friday last week, bond investors have been shifting to government bonds triggering a sharp decline in the US government debt. It would appear the high risk associated with bonds that boosted the stock markets last year is slowly wearing off despite the Fed’s intervention. Since Jan. 1 to date, the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield has dropped 10 basis points. The benchmark always h…

Is the 60-40 stocks and bonds split still sound financial advice?

Over the last two decades, it was a rule of thumb for almost all financial advisors: Investors should put 60% of their investment in stocks and 40% in bonds. The balance was presumed to be the “perfect” shield against falling stock prices while benefiting from potential growth. For a while now, the narrative has been sold by market players such as financial advisors, banks, traders, and analysts. Savings and retirement funds have also been religi…

A decade in the Canadian Market

How good have Canadian stocks performed over the last decade? It’s simple: investors would be better off investing in guaranteed government bonds and avoiding risky and volatile equities. A combined bond investment of provincial, municipal and federal bonds returned 94% amid the financial crisis. But central banks boosted economic growth due to lowered interest rates, stimulating bond prices as they typically rise when interest rates fall. All in…

How to use the ‘stock-bond-ratio’ to invest

Investors are now thinking about bond investment in a whole new way, thanks to the changing market dynamics. Savvy investors have moved away from the old age adage that required one to hold a bond portfolio equal to their age (at the age of 30, you should be 30% in bonds; age 40, 40%; and so on). Steve Cassaday, CFP, president of Cassaday & Company, Inc., an investment management and financial planning firm in McLean, Virginia says: “The real…

“Burrito bond” investors now risk losing up to 90% of their money

It wasn’t business as usual for “burrito bond” investors after being informed that they could lose 90% of their investments or up to 99% if the company is placed under receivership. About a month ago, The Guardian published an article highlighting that UK-based Mexican restaurant chain Chilango, was in talks regarding the future of the entity. News of the restaurant’s financial distress came as a shocker to hundreds of small-scale investors who u…

Trump proclaims success on talks, and the market won’t stay still

Government bond yields throughout the world surged Thursday and Friday following signs that the China and the US had reached a trade deal that will curtail the impact of the months-long antagonism between the two countries. In the US, the yield on the 10-year government bonds recorded the highest jump since 2016. According to Tradeweb, the 10-year Treasury note rose from Wednesday’s 1.786% to 1.82% on Friday, signalling its highest jump since U.S…

Christmas comes early for premium bond winners

Christmas has come early for a few lucky investors who subscribed to the premium bonds. Last month, several people walked away with prizes ranging from £1 million to £100,000 to £25 and this month is no different. Each month, premium bond investors are randomly selected for different categories of cash prizes. This month’s biggest winners walked away with £1 million each; the first bond-winning number is 309GV354472 belonging to a Stockport-based…

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