Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is the world's largest and most valuable cryptocurrency. This beginner-friendly guide covers what Bitcoin is and how you can use and invest in it.
Updated: Sep 12, 2022
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15 Lessons
1 hour 50 mins

What you'll learn

  • What a blockchain is and how it relates to Bitcoin
  • A brief history of where Bitcoin came from
  • The different types of Bitcoin wallets available and the differences between them

Key course lessons

What is Bitcoin?

Before getting involved in bitcoin it is important to understand it. This crypto course lays out the basics: what Bitcoin is and the different ways it can be used. Ultimately, we’re all here to learn, so don’t be afraid – get stuck in and we’ll help you. With this in mind, we have made a jargon-free summary and compiled a list of how to understand the technology, buy Bitcoins, trade BTC and use bitcoin wisely.

Course overview

1. Bitcoin & the blockchain

2. How bitcoin mining works

3. How bitcoin wallets work

4. Spending bitcoins

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