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Best place to buy GameStop stock: top platforms to trade GME
  • GameStop stock sky-rockets in value
  • WallStreetBets effect in full-effect
  • Where is the best place to buy GameStop stock?
February 25, 2021

Market analysis

Best place to buy GameStop stock: top platforms to trade GME
After several weeks of madness surrounding the price of GameStop, the situation seemed to have calmed down. However, WallStreetBets doesn’t seem to be finished just yet, and now GME stock is up more than four-fold in after-hours trading. This could be yet another dramatic short squeeze…
February 25, 2021
Uniswap price prediction: UNI faces resistance after a 45% upswing
Uniswap has surged slightly over 45% in the past 4 days as it left the descending triangle formation. However, its move up is now in question as the cryptocurrency faces a sell-wall. What will happen next, and should you consider investing in UNI now? Fundamental analysis: UNI pushes…
March 4, 2021
Is March a good month for buying Kellogg Company shares?
Kellogg Company (NYSE: K)shares have weakened more than 7% since the beginning of the year, and the current share price stands around $57. Wall Street remains bullish on Kellogg, and the stock price could stabilize above the $60 resistance if the U.S. stock market continues to trade in a…
March 4, 2021
5G: Nokia stock price prediction for March after WSB frenzy
Shares of Nokia Corporation (EPA: NOKIA) are trading in a subdued fashion after losing almost 17% in February. Fundamental analysis: Short-selling hedge fund Melvin Capital recovers Melvin Capital, the short-selling hedge fund that sustained an enormous loss amid the GameStop and WSB saga, recovered some ground and gained over…
March 4, 2021

Stock, index & exchanges data

Major indices

Value Change % Change
^VIX 28.57 +1.90 +7.12%
CBOE Volatility Index
^BVSP 112690.17 +1506.22 +1.35%
^XAX 2675.283 +33.13 +1.25%
^MERV 38390.84 +233.89 +0.61%
^KLSE 1585.38 +4.12 +0.26%
FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI
^FCHI 5830.65 +0.59 +0.01%
CAC 40
^IPSA 5058.88 +0.00 +0.00%
^RUT 2146.9243 -60.87 -2.76%
Russell 2000
^IXIC 12723.472 -274.28 -2.11%
NASDAQ Composite
^N225 28359.11 -571.00 -1.97%
Nikkei 225

Top fallers

Value Change % Change
NASDAQ:BIVI 14.35 -9.07 -38.73%
BioVie Inc
NASDAQ:PRPL 24.37 -11.78 -32.59%
Purple Innovation Inc - Class A
NASDAQ:VRM 31.61 -12.29 -27.99%
Vroom Inc.
NYSEAMERICAN:XTNT 2.8 -1.06 -27.46%
Xtant Medical Holdings Inc
NASDAQ:SDGR 72.59 -26.55 -26.78%
Schrodinger Inc
NASDAQ:TERN 18.54 -6.66 -26.43%
Terns Pharmaceuticals Inc
NASDAQ:CUTR 26.02 -8.64 -24.93%
Cutera Inc
NASDAQ:VUZI 15.62 -4.64 -22.90%
Vuzix Corporation

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