U.S Federal Prosecutor Becomes A Prominent Crypto Investor

U.S Federal Prosecutor Becomes A Prominent Crypto Investor

Ms. Katie Haun has spent most of her life as a Federal Prosecutor in the United States of America. Her niche of expertise was investigating mafia, corrupt officials, and gang members in the prison. She has openly stated that around seven years ago when one of his colleagues put her in charge of a case involving Bitcoin, she wasn’t even familiar with what it is.

Ms. Haun’s Initial Exposure To Bitcoin

Bitcoin was introduced a decade ago and soon after, it became a prominent mode of payment for matters concerning the dark internet. There were multiple instances of the cryptocurrency being used as a payment platform that enabled illegal purchase of goods from the black market. Such rising episodes had pushed her senior at the U.S attorney office to request her for a thorough investigation of the cryptocurrency and gather substantial evidence that can potentially lead to its shutdown once and for all.

Her investigation, however, brought her to the realization that Bitcoin in itself wasn’t the culprit. She was reported quoting that going after Bitcoin would have been synonymous with an attempt to prosecute “cash”. This is what changed her mind and she decided to investigate the individual cases, instead, regarding bitcoin based white-collar crimes or extortion. She has also stated that the Blockchain technology that essentially governs the cryptocurrencies was highly useful in solving such cases.

Ms. Haun Becomes The First Female General Partner At Andreessen Horowitz

Over time, Ms. Haun has developed a profound interest in Bitcoin that has even led to an entirely new direction for her as a career pathway. Since last year, she has taken up the role of first female general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, an investment powerhouse of the Silicon Valley. In her capacity as the general partner, she is in charge of a huge cryptocurrency fund amounting to $350 million. She had also taken the initiative of joining Facebook’s plan of launching a new digital currency, Libra, as a pioneer.

Once a Federal Prosecutor, Ms. Haun is now one of the most prominent names in the league of cryptocurrencies’ investors from around the world. She’s now a staunch supporter of the Crypto market with an ideology that cryptocurrencies may be used for illegal activities but so is cash; which implies that the cryptocurrencies, just like cash, can’t be held responsible for such crimes.

She has highlighted it on numerous occasions that since the blockchain technology keeps track of all transactions in the form of a digital ledger that is visible for everyone but modifiable by none, it is rather easier to track illegal funds using the blockchain technology as compared to that of cash, credit cards, foreign bank account, or any other traditional modes of payments.

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