Libra Association’s Bison Trails receives a $25.5 million-large investment

Written by: Ali Raza
March 11, 2020
  • Libra Association's member, Bison Trails, raised over $25 million in a recent funding round.
  • The firm plans to use the funds for expansion and staff building.
  • Its plans for the future include assisting Libra's development, collaborating with other members of the Association, and serving its own customers.

One of the members of the Libra Association, a blockchain firm known as Bison Trails, recently held a Series A funding round. The funding round ended up being extremely successful, as the firm managed to raise as much as $25.5 million from some prominent crypto companies.

Some of the leading investors from the round include the likes of Blockchain Capital, Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Kleiner Perkins, and ConsenSys. Of course, these are only some of the participants.

About Bison Trails

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Bison Trails is a company that provides its customers with a ready-made infrastructure, which is very useful to new blockchain projects. The pre-made infrastructure allows them to move on with the launch of their projects. That way, it saves them time and money that would otherwise need to go to development.

The platform is still in the beta for the moment, although Bison Trails claims that they already serve over 20 clients.

The company’s CEO, Joe Lallows, commented on the fundraising campaign by saying that the firm will use the money for staff growth and business development. A certain portion of the funds will go into the development of a network roadmap for a number of projects.

Some of those projects are known to be Telegram, Polkadot, Skale, as well as Facebook’s Libra. The CEO continued by stating that the firm will also collaborate with other Libra Association members. Their goal is to help Facebook bring its cryptocurrency technology to life, and they plan to participate and help in any way they can.

For now, Libra’s development seems to be progressing relatively steadily. Its developers have already launched the project’s main network, which is currently in preliminary mode.

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