Bitfinex new feature allows master accounts to have up to 100 trading accounts

on Jan 22, 2020
Updated: Mar 11, 2020
  • Bitfinex adds a new feature that will help its institutional traders perform multiple strategies at once.
  • The new feature revolves around master accounts, which can now create up to 100 sub-accounts for trading.
  • The feature is not exactly unique, as many other exchanges offer it, but it shows that institutional interest and demand for crypto are growing.

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A major cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, has recently decided to introduce a number of additional features for institutional traders. One of the most notable one among them is the ability to create as many as 100 trading accounts within each master account.

Bitfinex named the new feature ‘sub-account,’ and it decided to allow it due to the ever-growing institutional demand. With it, institutional traders will have greater freedom when it comes to applying various new trading strategies simultaneously.

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The company’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, stated that the feature will also bring an improvement to risk management and asset allocation. He noted that a trading fund can divide accounts between multiple traders, as well as reconcile loss and profit across each trading account. That way, the transparency is increased, and each trader can see their own individual performance.

Benefits and meaning behind the new feature

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The new feature also offers features of its own, such as fee discounts. The exchange introduced this due to plans to combine the trading volume of all accounts within one master account. However, it should be noted that Bitfinex doesn’t serve US customers, so these features will also not be available to them.

While the new feature on Bitfinex represents a significant move on the exchange’s behalf, Bitfinex is not the only one to offer something like this. Binance has been offering more than 200 sub-accounts per master account for over a year now.

Even Gemini introduced the feature recently, with unlimited sub-accounts. But, the fact that exchanges are adding sub-accounts indicates that the institutional interest continues to grow, which is, ultimately, excellent news for crypto.


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