Crypto community fights back against Google censorship

Written by: Ali Raza
April 10, 2020
  • The crypto community is fighting against Google's censorship of the crypto sector through a petition and a hashtag #ForkGoogle.
  • The move came after Google removed several crypto apps from its Play Store, and used YouTube to remove a massive portion of crypto-focused YouTube channels in late 2019.
  • While the YouTubers that were affected got their accounts and videos back, the community now wants an explanation, and it asked the US Senate to subpoena Google.

After years of being censored on Google, the cryptocurrency community has now started fighting back with a #ForkGoogle campaign. Not only that, but it requested the US Senate to subpoena Google.

Google has been censoring cryptocurrencies for a while now, and it even transferred that censorship to its subsidiary, YouTube. Many likely remember that numerous cryptocurrency channels on YouTube woke up one morning in the final days of 2019 to find their videos removed, which was followed by weeks of complaints.

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Eventually, it was discovered that the move was a mistake, or so YouTube officials have said.

Now, the community demands that the censorship of Bitcoin and crypto-related news apps be removed entirely and that the process of de-platforming content creators from YouTube is ceased.

The goals of the campaign

The new campaign started with a petition on, which is asking the US Senate to subpoena Google representatives. The community demands an explanation from the company’s officials due to their actions against digital currencies and especially against the crypto community.

The petition is also promoting the hashtag #ForkGoogle, and it calls for a boycott of the company and its services. Further, it is asking people to switch to other browsers, such as Brave, and other video sharing websites, like Steemit.

At the time of writing, the petition only gathered 355 signatures, after one week. Although, the number may continue to increase in time.

Apart from fighting against Google, the campaign also hopes to attract additional attention to the crypto sector, as well as Bitcoin itself. Another goal, albeit a bit unrealistic, is to try and convince Google to completely change its stance and start supporting cryptocurrencies.

The petition itself was inspired by Google’s anti-crypto moves, such as removing numerous crypto-centric apps from its Google Play Store, such as Bitcoin Blast and MetaMask, in addition to banning YouTubers and deleting their content. As mentioned, many of these YouTubers and their videos have since been returned, but the crypto censorship on the platform continues.

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