TRON 4.0 to launch in a month, says Justin Sun

TRON 4.0 to launch in a month, says Justin Sun
Written by:
Ali Raza
8th June, 12:12
  • TRON's Justin Sun finally revealed the launch date for TRON 4.0 upgrade.
  • He said that the upgrade is scheduled for July 7th, and he explained what changes it will bring.
  • One important thing to note is that transactions will not be private, to comply with global regulations.
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TRON 4.0 launch has been a major topic of discussion in this projet’s community for quite some time, now. However, one major piece of information that was missing during this time is the exact date when the launch of the project will take place.

Now, the project’s CEO, Justin Sun, finally decided to announce the launch date.

TRON 4.0 to arrive in one month

According to Sun’s recent post on Twitter, the upgrade to TRON MainNet will take place in one month, on July 7th. Apart from revealing the launch date, Sun also posted an open letter, which is available on Medium.

The tweet stresses that TRONZ’s Smart Contract Privacy Protocol is about to arrive, after spending almost a year in development. He added that the launch will ‘mark a definitive moment for the history and evolution of #TRON blockchain.’

As for the Medium post, the project’s CEO explained multiple new features that will arrive with the upgrade.

TRON’s new features

There will be four key features, according to Sun. Those include the already mentioned TRONZ Smart Contract Privacy Protocol, which is the first smart contract privacy protocol that is supported by a VM (Virtual Machine). The second feature is the TPOS Dual-Layer Consensus Mechanism, which combines the advantages of PBFT and DPoS. As a result, it will reduce the confirmation time of TRON blocks, from 57 seconds to only 3 seconds.

The third key feature is the TICP Cross-Chain Protocol, which will bring a new cross-chain age for TRON (TRX). Lastly, the fourth feature is the Financial Institution and Enterprise Blockchain Solution, which will allow the deployment of customized dApps.

However, there is one important thing to note, and that is that TRON 4.0 will be the first among blockchain platforms to have a smart contract privacy protocol. Also, smart contracts will be open-source, and available to every developer in the project’s ecosystem.

But, that doesn’t mean that transactions will be anonymous, or private. Instead, the TRONZ Foundation explained that privacy will be a stand-alone feature, in order to comply with global policies and regulations of various jurisdictions.

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