Waves calls upon blockchain developers to apply for grants

Waves calls upon blockchain developers to apply for grants
Written by:
Jinia Shawdagor
December 3, 2020
  • According to the association, this is the first batch of grants and more are to come.
  • The specific amount for each grant will vary and the maximum amount will be 100K WAVES.
  • The Waves Association aims to solve specific blockchain-related problems through this program.

The Waves Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the mass adoption of Web 3.0, has invited developers to apply for the first batch of grants under the Waves Grant program. The organization made this invitation on December 1 through a blog post. Reportedly, the program will let developers propose solutions to be integrated into the Waves ecosystem as well as bid for a total of 250,000 WAVES.

According to the blog post, the association will issue grants in the Web 3.0 Development Grant category, which seeks to incentivize developers to build products on the Waves protocol. In so doing, the non-profit hopes to address specific problems and encourage the mass adoption of blockchain-based solutions, with a key focus on inter-chain communications.

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The publication went on to note that the Waves Association would accept grant applications starting December 1 up to February 1. The association promised to process all the requests promptly, adding that if its members deem an application valuable, it would issue the developer behind it a grant before the application deadline. Allegedly, the non-profit will determine the specific amount of each grant on a case-by-case basis, with the maximum amount of funds in a grant being 100,000 WAVES.

More application calls are yet to come

Per the organization, this is just the first batch of grants. Therefore, there will be more application calls in the same category at a later date. Through the next batches of grants, the association seeks to distribute grants totalling 1 million WAVES between 2020 and 2021. All grant decisions will be made via DAO, a community-powered tool that allows Waves Association members to announce grants and select eligible recipients.

The Waves Association went on to note that it encourages developers to propose solutions under the Web 3.0 Development Grants category. While the program appeals to developers to come up with solutions for specific use cases, it also welcomes ideas related to other aspects of blockchain technology. To check how their applications have turned out, developers will have to visit the Waves Association’s website.

This news comes after the Waves Association rolled out the Waves Grant program in October this year, targeting individuals blockchain developers, teams, and startups that can implement ideas that serve the interests of the Waves ecosystem.

At the program’s launch, Sasha Ivanov, president of the Waves Association subtly criticized some of the interoperability solutions in the market, saying,

“Waves Association aims to support independent developers working on interoperability solutions — especially those thinking outside the box. Solving interoperability by adding a dedicated blockchain and native token as an additional layer would only lead to more complexity, undercutting the potential of the proposed solution.”