Best places to buy CCIV: Churchill Capital IV and Lucid Motors merger on the cards

Written by: Charlie Hancox
February 3, 2021
  • Churchill Capital IV (CCIV) has experienced a meterioic rise in its share price
  • Rumours of a major merger with Lucid Motors have created huge speculation
  • How can you buy CCIV shares right now?

Churchill Capital IV (CCIV) has been featured prominently in business headlines today. The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) which is based in the United States has seen a significant rise in its share price.

In the last few weeks, WallStreetBets created enormous volatility in the market with the valuations of many companies soaring up. However, the reason for CCIV’s rise is primarily due to a potential merger rather than a gamma squeeze.

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On this page, we will explore what CCIV is, how to invest in CCIV, where to buy CCIV shares, and why CCIV is rising in price.

What is CCIV?

Churchill Capital Corp. was launched in September 2018. It is a SPAC that raises capital via an IPO and eventually merges into a brand for a value-creating event. CCIV is the fourth incarnation of Churchill Capital Corp. The scale of the company’s IPO has grown on each occasion, from $690 million in the first version of the company to $1.8 billion last year. If you missed out on the IPO, now could be a good time to invest in CCIV stock.

Churchill Capital’s core strategy is to combine with companies that are in industries that complement both the experience and expertise of its management team. The company’s board of directors and its operating and strategic partners have been assembled from members of leading Fortune 500 companies.

CCIV believes it has the track record to merge with a meaningful company and create value for shareholders. Following the news about a potential merger that came out today – which we will cover at the end of this page – investors are looking for the best place to buy CCIV shares.

Find out how to buy CCIV stock today through our recommended brokers.

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How to invest in CCIV stock fast

If you want to buy shares in CCIV, finding the right broker to facilitate your trades is of paramount importance. Moreover, following some of the trading restrictions and even broker-imposed liquidations of its users’ positions that have occurred this week, it is crucial that you give extra care to your choice of broker.

On our website, you will find detailed reviews of the top brokers. However, these are the 3 we have settled on as the best brokers to invest in CCIV with.

1. IG

IG is one of Britain’s largest trading platforms, and it combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful analytical tools. You can buy shares in CCIV through IG right now.

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2. Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown has a long-standing reputation as one of the top online stockbrokers, and it is a great place to invest in CCIV shares.

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3. has a great interface with some interesting tools for technical analysis. It is a good choice for investing in CCIV.

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If you want to invest but aren’t quite ready, our guide to buying shares will set you on the right path.

Why is CCIV shooting up in value?

Given CCIV’s business model, it is clear that a potential merger must be at the centre of any speculation. CCIV is allegedly on the cusp of announcing a merger with Lucid Motors, an an American automotive company founded in 2007 that is focussed on electric vehicles.

The response from the market has been one of excitement and positivity

However, some have remained sceptical

One thing is for certain: Redditors have again played a part

The WallStreetBets effect continues…

CCIV investors are now looking towards the future with anticipation. Be sure to keep an eye on the news to catch a potential merger announcement as soon as it happens.