Highlights from Lisk’s August 2021 financial update

By: Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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on Sep 10, 2021
  • fiat assets amounted to USD 151,392,941.95
  • Lisk uses BlockFi to generate additional income, exchange offers 5% APY in an interest-bearing account
  • monthly expenses amount to CHF 654,714.46

The Lisk Foundation breaks down their financials, including monthly expenditures, in a report every month. Invezz presents the highlights.

Total Assets

In August, Lisk’s fiat assets amounted to EUR 5,252,163.84 and around CHF 613,000. Of their crypto assets, USDC (USDC/USD) accounted for the majority with 15,346,906.26, following by their native token LSK with 8,723,600.00. Total assets amounted to USD 151,392,941.95 including assets in their managed fund.

Ending and Buybacks

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The Lisk Foundation holds USDC to cover costs for two years after the first year, in which it continuously liquidates Bitcoin (BTC/USD) in order to have sufficient fiat. Lisk uses BlockFi to generate additional income. The exchange offers 5% APY in an interest-bearing account. Lisk buys LSK tokens directly from the markets with the interest accrued on this account and uses them to fund the Lisk Grant Program. A bonus campaign on BlockFi brought Lisk an additional 83,345.75 USDC.

Monthly Expenditures

The monthly expenses amount to CHF 654,714.46 and are divided into two main categories: Lisk Foundation and Lightcurve.


Lightcurve is a leading blockchain development studio which supports the Lisk ecosystem among other things. The monthly invoice from Lightcurve to the Lisk Foundation, which covers all services provided by them, comprises the majority of expenditures – CHF 489,251.14 (74.73%).

Lisk Foundation Promotions

The next biggest item is Promotions with CHF 72,063.61 (11%). This includes PR, merchandise, ads, giveaways, influencers, and other marketing-related expenditures.  

Lisk Foundation Operations

Operations include all operational costs, consisting of office rent, salaries, taxes, auditors, financial and legal costs, etc. In August, they amounted to CHF 54,156.12.

Lisk Foundation Bounties & Sponsorships

These are the expenses connected to the Lisk Bug Bounty Program, Lisk Grant Program, and sponsorships. This was the smallest List Foundation item in August with CHF 39,243.60.

Lightcurve Development

This item includes the expenses incurred by Lightcurve’s Development team, who are working on Lisk Core, Lisk for Mobile, Lisk Service, Lisk SDK, and Lisk for Desktop. It’s the biggest item in this part, amounting to CHF 299,813.92.

Lightcurve Research

These are the costs of the Research team at Lightcurve, who are tasked with Lisk Improvement Proposals. They amounted to CHF 113,970.36 in August 2021.

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