Valkyrie Digital Assets LLC launches Valkyrie Zilliqa Trust, sixth investment vehicle

on Oct 5, 2021
  • This trust is the first investment vehicle at Valkyrie to invest solely in Zilliqa
  • First trust to be built on sharded architecture, can process very high transactions volumes
  • Alternative to high fees and congestion on other blockchains

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The main investment goal of this trust is to reflect the value of Zilliqa (ZIL/USD) held in it and to offer reliable, cost-effective access and exposure to the cryptocurrency to investors.

Valkyrie Digital Assets LLC, which sponsors the Valkyrie Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Trust, Valkyrie Polkadot (MATIC/USD) Trust, Valkyrie Algorand (ALGO/USD) Trust, Valkyrie Dash (DASH/USD) Trust, and the Valkyrie TRON (TRX/USD) Trust, announced the launch of the Valkyrie Zilliqa Trust, its sixth investment vehicle and the first at Valkyrie to invest solely in Zilliqa, the native token behind the whole blockchain network.

Valkyrie Investments CEO Leah Wald said:

Zilliqa is a fast growing network that offers a unique feature set geared towards democratizing the payments and remittance space. By launching this trust, we are able to give qualified investors exposure to one of the preeminent projects working to bring this use case to the financial system of the future.

Bringing more exposure to an ever-expanding selection of digital assets

The Zilliqa trust was launched just days after the Valkyrie TRON Trust. It is the latest in a series of interconnected trusts founded to increase exposure to digital assets. This trust is the first to be built on sharded architecture, making it possible to process very high transactions volumes at any given time. Many community members will see it as an alternative to the high fees and congestion typical of many other blockchains.

Amrit Kumar, president and co-founder at Zilliqa, added:

Making crypto more accessible to a range of different target groups is one sure-fire way to creating more worldwide utility for all coins, and truly realising its borderless potential. Valkyrie does this by easing access into the corridors of crypto so that those unfamiliar don’t have to knock on the doors they are unfamiliar with – such as exchanges, DEX’s and more. They optimise crypto asset management for investors, and also help them stake their assets and maximise their returns. Furthermore, Valkyrie’s expertise in the US market will help us grow our presence and reach new clientele stateside, which is very much aligned to our business goals.


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