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Helium and DISH Network partner to boost 5G network capability

on Oct 27, 2021
  • Helium has partnered with the DISH network to expand its 5G network coverage.
  • Through this partnership, users of Helium’s 5G can now share it with people’s close to them.
  • This partnership comes after a series of major developments in the Helium network.

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Earlier this year, Helium announced the launch of its 5G network, which will serve as the second leading wireless network running on the Helium (HNT/USD) blockchain. To expand this network, Helium has announced that it will be collaborating with DISH.

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DISH is one of the leading firms in the telecommunications space. The announcement stated that DISH was open towards innovations in the blockchain space and innovations that are also present in this sector. The partnerships between these two firms will be beneficial to both businesses and customers.

Helium Partners with DISH

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In the blog post, Helium noted that DISH would be the first major network joining its mission of offering a 5G network to its platform. The firm stated that it would allow customers to deploy their own Helium 5G CBRS-based hotspots through this service.

Helium explained the details of how this new service would work. It provided an example of a city powered by Helium 5G whereby users benefit from the network incentives and the infrastructure that this platform supports.

“While it sounds like an audacious vision far from what we know, it is actually a reality just around the corner thanks to the community and Helium 5G partners like DISH, FreedomFi, and Gigsky. Soon, you really will be able to get 5G from your neighbour,” the announcement read.

Helium also added that this piece of news would be revolutionary to its path towards a 5G network. The firm further noted that this would enable the firm to test the boundaries of what could be achieved through Helium 5G.

Helium Network Enjoys Major Growth

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2021 has been a busy year for the Helium network. Over the past year, the network has grown to reach over 256,000 individual nodes globally, run by around 93,561 users.

Earlier this year, the Helium community had voted on this partnership with DISH. The community has also voted for another partnership with FreedomFi to enable Helium to achieve compatibility with smartphones, tablets and laptops. The Helium network has also been enjoying support from hardware manufacturing companies that have started creating hotspots compatible with the Helium network. This partnership is expected to increase the network’s reach.

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