Blueprint Capital CEO praises the crypto market over the stock market

on Dec 30, 2021
  • The crypto market has grown significantly this year in terms of value and adoption.
  • The CEO of Blueprint, Jacob Walthour, commended this growth in the crypto sector.
  • Walthour also added that the crypto market had the potential to outperform the stock market.

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This year has seen a growing number of institutional players venturing into the crypto market. While many are yet to have direct crypto holdings in their balance sheet, they have gained crypto exposure through investing in various crypto-related products.

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In an interview with CNBC, Walthour mentioned the major growth that the crypto sector has recorded over the past decade, noting that this growth could spill over in the coming years.

The crypto market has grown

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One of the main points that Walthour dwelled on was the growth of the cryptocurrency industry over the past 12 years since Bitcoin (BTC/USD) was created. He mentioned that around 200 exchanges have sprouted within this time, which have made crypto assets easily accessible.

The other thing Walthour talked about was the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. He noted that around 14% of the US adult population owned cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, he noted that the use of cryptocurrencies was a part of the innovative financial cycle that started with the introduction of cash, cheques, and later e-payments. He opined that digital currencies could be the next advancement in the financial sector.

In the next five to ten years, Walthour predicted that the adoption of cryptocurrencies could be at its peak because of the recognition of this asset class.

Cryptocurrencies could be an asset class

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Walthour further assessed the relationship between the crypto market and the stock market. He noted that the rise in cryptocurrencies could trigger an inflow of liquidity into the sector. If this liquidity is taken out of the stock market and into the crypto market, it could legitimize cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

Moreover, if crypto outperforms the stock market, it could present an ideal diversification tool, adding to why crypto can be classified as an asset class.

Recently, the crypto market has been performing similarly to the stock market. This has been attributed to an influx of institutional players in the crypto sector. However, the crypto market has been falling at a higher rate than the stock market because of volatility. Walthour believes that this could change in the future and that the crypto market has the potential to outperform the stock market over time.


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