Klever blockchain mainnet to go live on July 1

on Jun 30, 2022
  • Klever’s blockchain network will launch its mainnet this week, going live on 1 July.
  • KleverChain will have pre-built apps and support other top blockchains.
  • The team hopes to continue building the Klever ecosystem, including wallet and exchange.

Klever  is gaining its independence as a blockchain network, with the launch of its native layer 1 blockchain finally happening on July 1. 

The migration from the Tron blockchain heralds a new era in the network’s evolution as a top-tier blockchain platform, the team told Invezz in a press release.

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Smart contracts coded into blockchain

KleverChain is a proof-of-stake public blockchain, highly scalable and with pre-built ready-to-use apps – making it more than just a smart contracts platform.

Unlike with traditional smart contract blockchains where developers have to painstakingly code every smart contract for their applications, KleverChain takes a different approach. It comes with smart contracts coded into it, making it easier, faster and cheaper for developers to build and deploy dApps.

As well as the KleverOS SDK, the network supports both mobile and web developers.

Commenting on the mainnet launch and its significance to the developer community, Misha Lederman, Director of Communications at Klever said:

The KleverChain Mainnet launch is certainly the next chapter of the Klever Ecosystem. But more importantly, Klever Blockchain’s use of smart contracts coded native to the blockchain (Kapps) made available for developers worldwide as simple and essential crypto features to tap into at the click of a button, is in actuality taking blockchain building in the entire crypto space to the next level.”

Dio Ianakiara, co-founder and CEO of Klever added:

I don’t think developers need to understand how a blockchain works – they just have to call a well-documented function in order to use the blockchain.”

The network will boast transaction speeds of up to 3,000 transactions per second (TPS), with higher ceilings possible with scaling.

The Klever ecosystem

As well as the mainnet launch, Klever will continue to work on its crypto ecosystem, with support for other chains and use cases. According to the team, initial support will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, Polygon, Litecoin, Syscoin, Dash, and Internet Computer.

Users can also explore the blockchain’s mobile-based Klever Wallet, the Klever Exchange, and the Klever NFT Marketplace.

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