PODCAST: What do developers think of AI and blockchain? Stack Overflow joins the podcast

on Mar 27, 2023
  • Stack Overflow conducted a survey on what developers and technologists think of emerging technology
  • AI scored well but blockchain less so. ML, while cloud and no node/low code were also covered
  • Stack Overflow’s Joy Liuzzo joins the Invezz podcast to dive into the insights

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Emerging technology is always a fun topic. Today, it feels like all anybody is talking about is artificial intelligence. Will ChatGPT make us mere humans useless? Previously, it felt like blockchain was the hot topic, as Bitcoin led the crypto markets up to dizzying heights during the pandemic. 

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But what do developers think about these emerging technologies, alongside other sectors like cloud computing, no-code/low-code and machine learning?

Joy Liuzzo is Vice President of Product Marketing at Stack Overflow, where developers hang out to ask and answer each others’ questions. This month, it released a survey diving into emerging technology, so Joy joined the podcast to chat through the insights. 

The star of the show was open-source technology, with the community aspect of it appealing massively to coders. Joy chats extensively about why this is, and how this helps projects across a variety of industries. But it dug deeper into aspects both under this hood and outside. 

AI, unsurprisingly, was front and centre among developers. Interestingly, their thoughts were similar to the public, in that they are confident that the technology will become an integral part of our lives but aren’t sure what role it will play.

Crypto investors will also be intrigued by the survey’s findings on blockchain tech, if not disappointed. The sector performed noticeably badly, with blockchain towards the bottom on questions such as “what do you believe is going to be the next one everyone will use?”, as well as questions around the positive or negative impact of technologies on the world. 

There was also cloud computing, low-code/no code and a variety of other technologies covered. All in all, for me it was an intriguing look into what people “behind the curtain” think of these technologies, at a time when they are so widely discussed by the public and people (such as myself) who do not have the technical brain to properly understand the mechanics under the hood. 

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