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Shibarium outmatches Optimism & Arbitrum in this key milestone

on Dec 31, 2023
  • Shibarium took significantly fewer days to attain 1 million active addresses.
  • It outshined other Layer2s like Arbitrum and Optimism as the fastest-growing blockchains.
  • Shibarium s쳮ds despite early technical challenges.

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Despite early struggles, Shiba Inu’s Shibarium outperforms in various aspects. CoinGecko data shows Base, Optimism, zkSych, and Arbitrum as the fastest-growing layer2 blockchains.

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Source – CoinGecko

Shibarium attains 1M addresses milestone quicker

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CoinGecko revealed the timeframe it took leading layer2 platforms that attained 1 million active addresses. The data showed Base, zkSync, Optimism, and Arbitrum as the fastest-growing networks.

It took Base eleven days to hit 1 million wallets, while zkSync, Optimism, & and Arbitrum attained the same in 71 and 191 days, respectively. Arbitrum achieved the milestone in 303 days.

While CoinGecko’s list didn’t include Shibarium, the Shiba blockchain outperformed zkSync and OP & ARB blockchains in hitting the 1M active addresses milestone. It took Shibarium 18 days only after its launch to achieve the record.

Shibarium flourished despite early struggles

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While Shibarium exceeded expectations in September to achieve the target, the blockchain suffered technical issues that lasted for more than seven days, shortly after the 16 August launch.

The team scaled the blockchain and relaunched Shibarium on 28 August. The project attained two crucial milestones eight days after launch, with active wallets and transactions exceeding 1 million.

Shibarium maintained its positive trends. It had processed approximately 216,010,831 transactions at press time, whereas the active address metric stands at around 1.32 million.

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