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GoDaddy partners ENS, allowing users to link domain names to crypto wallets

on Feb 5, 2024
  • GoDaddy partners ENS to simplify linking of domain names to crypto wallets.
  • The collaboration seeks to bridge the gap between DNS and blockchain technology.
  • GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service's partnership allows for gas-free linking ot domain names to wallets.

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Web registration and hosting giant GoDaddy has inked a major partnership with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to allow users easily connect their domain names to their ENS names.

In a press release, GoDaddy said the collaboration is a major step in the quest to bridge the Domain Name System (DNS) and blockchain technology.

DNS allows for the interpretation of readable addresses, or domain names into a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. Meanwhile, ENS converts complex crypto wallet addresses into human-readable names, simplifying usage.

Cost-free linking of domain names to crypto wallets

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According to GoDaddy, users tapping into this feature will link their domain names to their crypto wallets at no extra cost. The collaboration also means users do not need to have technical experience to connect their domain names to an ENS-compatible crypto wallet, the company noted in its announcement on Monday.

ENS founder Nick Johnson commented:

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“With this milestone, we are furthering our mission to build a more secure, decentralized and user-friendly internet. ENS, much like DNS, is a public good and a core part of the internet infrastructure. By pairing up ENS names and GoDaddy domains, we will streamline the way users interact with web domains, blending the familiarity of the DNS with the potential of blockchain technology.”

The integration comes after ENS deployed a new smart contract that makes it possible for DNS records to be verified on the blockchain-based naming system’s network. The off-chain data verification feature enabled by the gasless DNSSEC functionality removed the barrier of high gas fees for users.

Paul Nicks, president of domains at GoDaddy, said:

“Partnering with ENS presents our customers with a unique opportunity to experience the fusion of domains names and blockchain technologies, bringing some great benefits for users in both areas.”


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