NFT platform Ninjalerts inscribes N64 emulator onto Bitcoin for NFT gaming

on Feb 22, 2024
  • Ninjalerts inscribes Nintendo 64 emulator onto Bitcoin, enabling NFT users to play classic games.
  • Brotli compression reduces N64 game file sizes by 80%, making inscriptions feasible on Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin's low transaction fees provide a cost-effective window for preserving larger gaming files.

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Ninjalerts, a pioneering NFT platform, has made waves in the gaming and blockchain communities by inscribing a Nintendo 64 emulator onto the Bitcoin network.

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The innovative move allows users to relive the nostalgia of classic Nintendo 64 (N64) games directly within their browsers, seamlessly blending 1990s gaming nostalgia with cutting-edge blockchain technology. They can play multiplayer games across Ordinals explorers and marketplaces, all while leveraging the security and permanence of the Bitcoin blockchain

N64 games on the Bitcoin blockchain

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Following the successful inscription of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator last month, Ninjalerts is pushing the boundaries further by introducing the Nintendo 64 emulator onto the Bitcoin network.

Emphasizing its commitment to legal and ethical standards following the N64 inscription, Ninjalerts has stated that only legally owned game files shall be uploaded onto Bitcoin for preservation purposes.

By avoiding inscribing copyrighted games, the platform aims to facilitate discussions within the archivist community about the possibilities of blockchain technology in game preservation.

Ninjalerts’ technical breakthrough

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Initially deemed impractical due to file size limitations, the inscription of larger systems like the Nintendo 64 posed a significant challenge. However, Ninjalerts overcame this hurdle through the implementation of Brotli compression into the Ordinals protocol. This compression technique dramatically reduces file sizes by around 80% without compromising quality, making it feasible to inscribe larger games such as GoldenEye 007 onto the Bitcoin network.

With the recent decline in Bitcoin transaction fees, inscribing N64 games has become economically viable, costing around $6,000 for a single transaction. This unique opportunity has spurred Ninjalerts to enable the preservation of larger and more complex games from the Nintendo 64 era, capitalizing on the current low fees to ensure the long-term availability of these gaming classics.

The future of NFT gaming

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The implementation of the N64 emulator within Ninjalerts’ Pizza Ninjas project marks a significant milestone in the convergence of NFTs and gaming. Each Ninja profile picture NFT will embed the emulator, allowing users to play games directly within their browsers across any Ordinals explorer or marketplace.

While the rise in popularity of Ordinals on Bitcoin has fueled debates over network congestion and transaction fees, Ninjalerts’ initiative highlights the transformative potential of blockchain technology in preserving cultural artefacts. By inscribing gaming emulators onto the Bitcoin network, the platform opens up new avenues for preserving and experiencing classic games in a decentralized manner.

As Ninjalerts continues to develop the user interface for enabling game-playing functionality within Pizza Ninja NFTs, the future of NFT gaming looks promising. With the seamless integration of retro gaming nostalgia and blockchain technology, Ninjalerts is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we experience and preserve classic games for future generations.


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