Portugal elections 2024: Why are they important for crypto adoption and Bitcoin rally?

on Mar 11, 2024
  • Portugal opened its voting booths on March 10, 2024.
  • The general election pose critical implications for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Portugal's tax regime and regulations have positioned it as a haven for crypto users and blockchain companies.

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As Portugal opened its voting booths on March 10, 2024, the nation stands on the brink of a pivotal shift in its political and digital landscape.

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The general elections, arriving just before the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, not only signal a potential change in governance but also pose critical implications for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology within the country.

Implications for crypto

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The lead-up to these elections has been marred by corruption scandals and resignations within the ruling Socialist Party (PS), culminating in a tightly contested race.

With the center-right Democratic Alliance (AD) and the PS neck-and-neck in polls, and the rise of the right-wing Chega party, the outcome could significantly influence Portugal’s crypto-friendly stance, which has been a hallmark since 2016.

Portugal’s unique tax regime and regulations have positioned it as a haven for crypto users and blockchain companies, making it one of Europe’s few crypto hotspots.

The inclusion of cryptocurrency positions in the electoral programs of all national parties underscores the sector’s growing importance and the potential impact of the election results on its future.

Party positions on crypto and blockchain

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Chega has emerged as the most vocal proponent of blockchain, advocating for its integration into administrative procedures and the education system to ensure Portugal’s prominence as a global crypto hub.

On the other hand, the AD’s digitalization ambitions focus on coding, with less emphasis on blockchain.

The incumbent Socialist Party aims to continue its Web3 strategy, although its ability to maintain a crypto-friendly environment may be challenged by potential coalition dynamics, especially with parties like the Left Block (BE) that advocate for stricter regulations and taxation on crypto assets.

Potential outcomes

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The election could either reinforce Portugal’s status as a digital asset hub or pivot towards a more regulated and possibly restrictive approach, depending on the coalition formed.

A government including Chega and AD might preserve the favorable status quo, while a left-leaning coalition could introduce policies that dampen the crypto-friendly regime.

The Portuguese crypto community, represented by figures like Henrique Corrêa da Silva of the New Economy Institute, remains cautiously optimistic, emphasizing the industry’s resilience and mobility.

The community’s future, and by extension Portugal’s role in the global digital economy, hinges on the election’s outcome.

Portugal’s digital golden age?

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Portugal stands at a crossroads, with the potential to either solidify its reputation as a leader in crypto and blockchain innovation or to shift course towards greater regulation.

The election not only determines the nation’s political leadership but also its trajectory as a pioneer in the digital age.

As the Portuguese Web3 ecosystem thrives, with over 650 companies calling it home, the nation’s ranking in global crypto adoption belies its legislative attractiveness.

Harsh Vardhan, Chief Editor at Invezz, says,

The elections present an opportunity to embrace digital innovation fully, reminiscent of Portugal’s historical golden age of exploration and technological advancement. As voters decide on their future leaders, the broader implications for Portugal’s digital economy and its position in the crypto world loom large. The outcome may well dictate whether Portugal continues to explore the new digital oceans or retreats from its position at the forefront of technological innovation.


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