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Gannicus Oliver is an author, consultant, digital economy enthusiast and investor. He boasts over three years of bonds, real estate and crypto market experience. In his free time, Gannicus enjoys uncovering thrilling adventures and traveling around the world.

Latest articles by Gannicus Oliver

23rd September
Canada’s major real estate market has softened since the pandemic
21st September
Malaysian bonds may have performed best, but a shrinking economy means there is more to come
18th September
Bank of Thailand successfully issues digital bond through blockchain
16th September
EU explores green bonds for the first time
15th September
Japanese investors reduce U.S treasury holdings ahead of the presidential election
2nd September
Eurozone bond yields dip with focus on Eurozone inflation reading
1st September
Large homes sales spike by 21% in the US amidst the pandemic
31st August
Maharashtra government reduce stamp duty in the real estate sector by 3%
31st August
India’s Reserve Bank to sell sovereign gold at ₹5,117 per gram in the latest sovereign gold bond tranche
31st August
Asian Development Bank issues $200 million worth rupee-linked bonds for Pakistan
29th August
Bond yields in India increase by 6.16% after RBI resumes its Federal Reserve Style Operation Twist
27th August
Minereum to offer up to 50% crypto bond yield for investors
26th August
RBI Announces Special Open Market Operations (OMOs) of Simultaneous Purchase and Sale of Government’s Securities
25th August
Germany Announce its First Green ‘Twin Bonds’
25th August
New Zealand-based multi-asset broker BlackBull secures NZ derivatives issuer license
7th August
Troubles Ahead for the Dollar, Warns Wells Fargo’s MD
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