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Sundeep Goyal is an investor and trader in stocks, commodities and forex. He has professional accounting qualifications and extensive experience in the financial markets. Additionally, he keeps on top of developments in technology, alternative investments and renewable energy.

Latest articles by Sundeep Goyal

4th June
Commodities market frauds; what’s broken, and how to fix it
3rd June
After a solid month in May, silver stalls at key resistance
27th May
Gold trends lower on fears of higher supply and a risk-on environment
26th May
The crude oil market may rebalance by July, says Russian oil minister
16th May
The CFTC issues a rare warning after sub-zero crude oil prices
15th May
Gold mining fundamentals have never been stronger – CFRA report
14th May
Goldman Sachs has a grim prognosis for livestock
12th May
Silver continues to trade very cheaply relative to gold
9th May
Historic job loss data fails to propel gold
8th May
Farmers give away potatoes, dairy cows slaughtered for meat
6th May
Crude oil surges higher on hopes of rebalancing of demand-supply
5th May
Smithfield Foods’ South Dakota pork plant reopens
5th May
Canada’s oil and gas industry stares at worst-ever recession
28th April
Physical, spot gold at a premium versus futures
25th April
Palladium on the back foot as auto sales plummet
22nd April
Commodities’ demand-supply balance out of whack due to the virus
21st April
For the first time in 67 years, U.S. energy exports in 2019 topped imports
20th April
Agriculture: Trump announces coronavirus aid program worth $19B
17th April
Jim Rogers is bullish on agriculture, gold, and silver
17th April
Platinum mines in South Africa resume production in phases
16th April
Livestock farmers in dire straits; USDA mulling aid
14th April
North America’s meat supply chain endangered as coronavirus shuts processors
13th April
Much-vaunted output cut of crude oil by OPEC+ is a damp squib
9th April
Jobless data and Fed salvo propel gold to eight-year high
7th April
Base metals rise on selling exhaustion and mine closures
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