Why crypto-communities are veering towards Telegram messenger

What do the experts think is the safest messenger portal for ICOs? We ask the founder of MiniApps.pro, who gives his thoughts on all things ICO messenger

Why crypto-communities are veering towards Telegram messenger

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, crypto-communities, basically anything crypto has evolved at an explosive rate recently. 2017 has been a huge year for cryptocurrencies, with each season providing different characteristics to the crypto space. 

The growth cryptocurrencies have had, has attracted attention from the general public, companies and even government are beginning to stick their noses in. Examples of government involvement could start anywhere, but most recently we have seen the Chinese government banning ICOs and crypto exchanges. On the flip side, we are seeing other countries embrace the crypto world, namely South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

The landscape of cryptocurrencies is ever changing, with ICOs now more prevalent than ever. Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming regulars on mass tv and news stations. The crypto-communities are no different. What used to be a close-knit community of crypto-anarchists is now a huge pool of commentators and 'experts'. This is forcing established rules and habits to change.

The majority of those in the 'crypto-community' are now beginning a migration to Telegram Messenger, which is a portal for news channels, groups of interest, ICO chats, support, basically anything crypto.

One of the major reasons for this migration is due to the lack of security in other messenger providers. The likes of Slack have had issues with hackers misleading users and changing wallet addresses, resulting in coins being sent to the wrong addresses users having their coins stolen. Slack, in particular, have had large problems with this and has seen many ICOs reject Slack as a support channel and turn to Telegram.

Furthermore, lots of crypto forum users have begun to use Telegram because lots of the forums 'have become crowded and noisy'. This has meant that lots of important and useful content is being drowned out by the sheer volume of topics and contributions. An example of one of the most famous crypto forums is bitcointalk.org - a newly published topic will reach the 4th and 5th page within minutes, meaning only a few users will have actually read it and make use of it.

A few years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto, yes the creator of Bitcoin, was a user of bitcointalk and it is hard to imagine that anyone would have been able to see his content in the current climate of crypto forums.

We have spoken to Vitaly Gumirov, the founder of MiniApps.pro, to see his views on the situation and whether it has affected his ICO decisions.

"We are on our way to the crowdsale of our token in late October and decided against using Slack because of the risk of scam artists endangering potential investors. Instead, we have made Telegram our main support channel.

With the help of Telegram, we can make top of the range bots, which in turn enhance the Messenger as an acknowledged leader in the field. MiniApps.pro is based on a bot-creating platform, and this whole process makes our lives a lot easier in when it comes to productivity and efficiency.

A simple example of this is an NLP bot we programmed to answer questions about our company and the upcoming ICO. You ask about white paper - it send you a pdf on the subject. You want to know more about individual team members - it will tell you all about us!". If this interests you, you can check it out at https://t.me/miniapps_pro.

MiniApps ICO

"The tendency for crypto-communities to migrate to Telegram is not just about its excellence but also because China has blocked bitcointalk and is being awkward with all things crypto. Lots of Chinese users have had their hand forced, veering towards Telegram, QQ and Wechat groups.

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